To counter digital threats, different expertise is required: from digital communication to IT security. We advise and support with a focus on incident response, forensics, the organisation of public-private partnerships and with the introduction of security relevant technologies. For a long term development, it needs strategy – in the cyberspace known as "Designing The Battlefield." Cyber-Security allows your success in the 21st century.


We offer you security reviews of software & hardware, as well as of the interaction between the two. Strategy development and recommendations for the right partners with specific questions or incident response. In addition, we train security professionals in foundations, methods and principles of Cyber/IT Security.

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Crisis Communication

IT-Security is more than just technology. It also means good and fast communication. Only in this way, stakeholders and partners can be activated and protected in a network. With the help of adequate crisis communication, further damage can be prevented, as well as reputation damage through hacks and attacks.

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Grafik von einem Netzwerk in dem die Beziehungen zwischen Organisationen dargestellt sind.
Grafik von einem Netzwerk in dem die Beziehungen zwischen Organisationen dargestellt sind.

Data Visualisation

Complex issues can be visualised through data mapping. At a glance, connections, systemic bonds and dependencies are visible and allow decision making processes from a distance. As an example, we have mapped the cyber landscape of Germany. It gives an overview of the different governmental and non-governmental players in the field of cyber security.

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Understanding administrations

Digitisation, IT security and cyber are civil-driven technologies. In this way, they change the traditional requirements of administration and security. Instead of public and perimeter security, partnerships and exchanges through incidents and malware come into play. Public-private-partnerships prove to be excellent tools in this field. These we will establish together with you.

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Research & Development

IT-security & cyber always remain on the operational level. Yet for their success, method, concept and strategy are needed. We use events to connect key players from business, law, supervision, security and economics. Scientifically embedded and practically accompanied, we publish the results in publications, collections and archives, recommendations and scientific papers.