Digitisation is an analog process. With this in mind, we develop new technologies for traditional industries and organisations, such as modern cashless payment systems. One example of this is the Digital Offering Bag for cashless donations in churches and places of worship. Other projects of ours include asymmetric cryptography for electronic access control, an app technology for musicians (TOUR) and an automated software solution for associations (BYRO).

Foto vom Digitalen Klingelbeutel mit dem Display und dem Beutel für Bargeld sichtbar.
Foto vom Digitalen Klingelbeutel mit dem Display und dem Beutel für Bargeld sichtbar.

Digital Donation Column & Payment Devices

Cashless donations in church services - electronic payment solutions in the guise of a conventional offering bag. We developed the software and hardware for the Digital Offering Bag with the foundation of the patent of the Protestant Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz. A device suitable for liturgy and the modern Digital Church. From prototype to serial production - we manufacture customised donation terminals according to the requirements of the respective industry.

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Payment & Billing

No hardware without suitable software. We develop electronic payment systems for payment devices of all kinds for different contexts. Whether a donation including a donation receipt or an anonymous donation - the appropriate report for financial accounting is included. On request with API to your CRM or accounting software.

Fast Curves

We develop the next generation of electronic access control by implementing the Montgomery curve 25519, an elliptical curve developed by D.J. Bernstein, into smart cards. With this implementation, we are creating a new use case that eliminates the problems of distributing authorisations that arise with previous approaches.


TOUR IT YOURSELF (TOUR) is a digital booking assistant for all independent artists and bands who can do the booking and management of concerts and tours themselves. With the TOUR filter you can search the venue database, consisting of 1500 German clubs, by location, genre and day. TOUR IT YOURSELF is designed to help artists to find and contact suitable clubs in Germany fast and easy without much 'know-how' - so that there is more time for creating music.


BYRO is a free software for the administration of associations. Within one software: member administration, cash register questions, donation receipts and much more can be created. The software is free of charge and available as open source and is actively developed further. As services we offer individualised adaptations, special new developments as well as services for setup and maintenance.

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