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Free Association Software

byro is a free member administration software for clubs, associations or foundations. At the moment, byro is used specifically by small to medium sized institutions in German speaking regions (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The development of the software is plug-in-based in order to accommodate different usage scenarios and countries. byro currently is in the stage of a Stable Release and is actively developed further.


The basic functions of byro include member administration, payment data import via CSV and document uploads. Via the plugin function, features like mail distribution, custom member records or custom payment data imports will be supported. In this way, different requirements for the data sets can be stored and special accounting software can be supported.


byro is designed as an association software for the administration of members, their payments and all surrounding administrative actions. Thus, byro supports aspects of accounting, such as visibility of contributing account balances and single payment transactions, although (not yet) being a full accounting software.


byro is an open source software, all the codes are publicly available. Therefore, a secret inclusion of malicious code or backdoors are impossible. The encryption of data and its transmission during online operation is explicitly requested by the development team and supported by corresponding instructions in the documentation. Moreover, byro can be used offline. In addition, members within one byro database can decide themselves which of their data is visible to other members.


As a free software, byro can be used on your own server (or Raspberry Pi etc.). As an alternative, Digital.Wolff GmbH offers hosting, maintenance and feature expansions of an installation of byro to encrypted servers based in Germany. If you have any questions, please contact

For Developers

byro can and should be expanded through additional plugins. These must have the form of a valid Django app. For an easier start, a cookie cutter template is available. More information can be found in the Developer-Documentation and at